About our campaign

Accelerate Changes.

Y-Youth – We plan to empower the 35 and under to be stable and productive through mentoring and training in the 7 influencers of the pillar of culture of life of Society; Religion, education, government, media, arts & business. We plan to work with our local police officers involving them into the lives of our youth, we have asked them to come into our children’s schools, in the study halls, alternative classes, and after school, so that the kids would become familiar with police in a positive light, and the police will become familiar with our kids in a positive light.

This can and will foster a relationship that will cut down the deaths of our youth. They will also inspire kids to become future police officers. We plan to actively recruit and place a police academy in our schools that our kids can take part in. This will put minority men on the jobs in communities they already know and are familiar with because they live in these communities. We have an anti-gang, anti-drug, anti-hate, and anti-poverty task force that will help our youth.

E- Economic Development – We plan on revisiting the companies that told us they were ready to come to the Southern sector: over 50 companies. We have partnered with businesses to train youth & men to be certified auto mechanics, certified paint and body, certified IT, and apprentice and trade jobs in Go green and other partnership programs. We can utilize our youth and homeless to clean up D7 and get paid thru our Go Green initiative that will attract more businesses and homeowners to D7. We can help our constituents who have saved get proper training and open their eyes franchises with help from City, and help them start their own private businesses as long as they train and hire D7 residents.

S- Seniors we plan to make D7 a safer place for our beloved elderly people and more help for their needs . We want D7 to be safe secure and our constituents satisfied.